2022 trackers are here!!

Terms of Sale

Thank you for taking the time to read my Terms of Sale  

A lot of time and care goes into everything I create - I paint all the artwork by hand (yes, really!) and create the trackers from scratch.

To protect my hard work there are some specific terms. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Blank Trackers

Most importantly - please DON’T post your tracker blank! Otherwise someone will copy and use it without paying. I know you’re excited to post your new tracker, so if you want to post it before you start tracking - please write something on it so that part of it is covered (like writing 'Ready, Set, Goals!' on the tracker).

A 'blank tracker' has no spaces filled in and doesn't have any writing over it.

Who's allowed to use it?

All my trackers are for personal individual use only (for you and you alone).

This means you can post or display a tracker on social media or any other public place or forum - as long as it's not blank - that's what they're meant for! 

You may not share the blank tracker anywhere or with anyone, ever. If someone asks you for the tracker, you're not allowed to send it to them - instead, to support me, please tell them you got it on inthisbodyilive.com.

This specifically includes if you're a coach or consultant (health, life, fitness or other), dietitian/nutritionist or similar or have any type of business.
If you want your clients to use my trackers, they each have to buy their own directly from my website.

I do not sell trackers licensed for any type of commercial use.


The design, artwork, layout and all other elements always remain my Intellectual Property. All terms apply in order to prevent a breach of Copyright laws.


By downloading a tracker, you agree:

  • Not to post or display a blank tracker on any website, blog, social media page or other public forum. You may only post a tracker once you've either filled in one or more of the spaces provided or covered a part of it with text.
  • Not to give/send a blank tracker (or a printout thereof) to anyone else
  • Not to sell it, resell it or give it away for free
  • Not to distribute it, including printouts
  • Not to copy or replicate the tracker or any specific individual element of it such as the design, artwork and layout
  • Not to claim it as your own design or work
  • Not to remove or cover: 'Tracker created by in this body i live ©' or 'inthisbodyilive.com'
  • Not to alter or edit it other than:
    • you may fill the spaces provided
    • you may write over it (using text, emojis, etc.)
    • you may resize it
    • you may remove some white space around it or place it on top of another background image/color
    • you may use filters that do not significantly change the color or look
    • If you want any other changes made to the tracker, you can get my help to do this 

The Terms of Sale also apply to each individual element on its own, such as the design, layout and artwork.

Thank you for understanding

I've truly put my heart and soul into this - thank you for helping me protect it