Let me fill in a tracker for you!

If you'd like me to fill in your tracker for you, email me and we can sort out the details!

The price is $9.99 USD for 12 entries on a tracker. I don't offer this for daily trackers and calendars, only for trackers that are filled in monthly or weekly. Most of my trackers have 12 entries but if you want one filled in with a different amount I'll adjust the price.

If you have more than one tracker to be filled in, the second and subsequent ones are 50% off. You also get 50% off if you want to continue with a new tracker after I've filled in a whole tracker for you!

The price doesn't include a tracker so if you haven't bought a tracker yet, don't worry! I can add that to your order when you pay for the fill in.

It will generally work like this, but can be slightly different depending on circumstances.

    • You email me with:
      • which tracker you want filled in
      • any specific preferences you have like color, font style (cursive, plain, bold, thin) or leave it to me to decide what looks good with your tracker
    • I'll send you a draft with the whole tracker filled in (with placeholder numbers) so you can see how it all will look.
    • You can either accept, reject or ask for changes (but I won't do any further work until you've paid - sorry!).
    • If you accept or ask for a further change I'll send you a PayPal request (you don't need PayPal to pay) or if you prefer I can send a link to pay on my website.
    • Once you've paid I'll make any final changes and then you can start sending your actual entries! Each time you have a new entry, I'll send it back to you filled in. I'll generally respond within a day, or two at the very most.

    Looking forward to helping you! 💛