2022 trackers are here!!

Frequently Asked Questions

It's a bit of a process 😆
I design and paint all the artwork by hand using watercolor paint (yes, really!). 
Then I digitize them and use Adobe Photoshop to edit manually where needed. After that I design the layout and text elements in Adobe InDesign from scratch. I pay attention to the finest of details and try multiple different things for each individual element until it's perfect - every tracker goes through many versions before I'm happy with the final product that you receive.

In exceptional circumstances, for example my daily calendar trackers, I do make use of hand painted elements by other artists that I have bought the commercial use rights for. The artwork on all the weight loss and measurement trackers sold on this website was hand painted by me.

There are apps available that create trackers for you, but I don't use them. Everything you see was made and designed from scratch by me.

In the print settings, look for 'fit to page', 'scale to fit' or a similar option and make sure it is selected. If you don't see that option and it's not printing correctly, please email me and let me know page size (e.g. letter or A4) you are printing on.

Some people have said that my emails have gone to their spam folders, so if you're expecting an email from me (like after an order, or you've sent me an email or used the website form to contact me), please also check in your spam folder.

You'll receive the tracker as a picture file - you can add text, emojis, stickers or anything else by editing the picture. There are many ways to do this but the easiest way is to use a mobile app designed specifically for this. A few that I like and find user friendly to use are SnapChat, Instagram Stories and 'A Design Kit' (iOS only app).

If you buy a tracker you'll also receive a more detailed 'How to use' guide, giving brief instructions on how to do it in each of the apps listed above.
(Alternatively, googling 'how to add text to a photo on iPhone/android/etc' gives some very good pointers too!)

If you want to edit them on a computer - you can also easily add your numbers using Microsoft Paint or Photos on Mac.

Once you’ve paid you’ll see a ‘Click here to download your tracker(s)!’ link, so you can download them immediately! If you miss that, don’t worry – you’ll get an order confirmation email with the link too (check your spam folder if you don't get it right away).

You'll get three download attempts for each tracker. If you have trouble downloading and run out of attempts - it's no problem. You don't need to buy it again! Just send me a message.

If you're using an Apple device, check in your 'Files' app for your downloaded tracker

I don't mind if you want to add a personal touch like a soft filter or adding some text - but please try and keep the original design and look the same. You are not allowed to remove or change the existing text including 'Tracker created by in this body i live © ', 'in this body i live © ' and 'inthisbodyilive.com'. For full details you can also read my Terms of Sale

I'm always open to suggestions so feel free to let me know if you have one!

I'll announce any new trackers on Instagram, but you can also sign up for email updates below!