Christmas + New Year's Trackers Now Available

Let me customize a tracker for you!

If you'd like me to customize a tracker for you, email me and we can sort out the details.

The price depends on what you want changed, but can be as little as $1 extra. The price doesn't include the price of the tracker. If you haven't bought a tracker yet, don't worry, I can add that to your order when you pay for the customization.

At the moment I will mostly take on only minor changes to my existing trackers, but feel free to email me any requests and I will consider it.

It will generally work like this, but depends on the details of the request

    • You email me with:
      • which tracker you want customized
      • details of the customization
    • I will let you know if I can do it and a price. I may also provide you with a draft.
    • If you choose to go ahead then I will send you a PayPal request (you don't need PayPal to pay) or if you prefer I can send a link to pay on this website.
    • Once you've paid I will send you the final customized tracker.