2022 trackers are here!!

Copyright information for previous trackers

These are some of my previous trackers that were made at the start of 2018 through to the end of 2019. They were exclusively made available on my Instagram account during this time.

From 2020 onwards they are no longer available and have been replaced with updated versions (for sale on my website).
The pre 2020 trackers remain my original creations and subject to copyright law even though they were made available by me to be used for free. This includes any and all trackers (even the ones not shown here) made by me from 2018 onwards.
If you have one of my trackers and got it from me (on my Instagram page during 2018 and 2019) you can continue to use it for personal use only. You are not allowed to share, distribute or post blank versions of any of my trackers anywhere.
No changes or edits may be made to my trackers to alter its original use (for example changing '2019' to '2020').
I still own copyright even if: changes were made, my name as creator was removed and it was "found that way on the internet".

You are not allowed to create derivate trackers that are based on my design or use the same elements/art and distribute or sell these derivate trackers.
As the creator I have the sole right to create derivate works.