2022 trackers are here!!

The story behind ♡ in this body i live

A few years ago I made a tracker to help myself get healthier. I had been going through some difficult things for a few years & was having a really hard time.
I shared it with my few Instagram followers & after a while I started noticing people using it. It made me so happy to see that people loved something that I made!
Making something so small & seemingly unimportant ended up making a huge difference in my life.

Helping other people ended up helping me 

It gave me so much joy to create pretty things that I decided at the start of 2019 to make a whole bunch more trackers in different colors & types!
Everyone loved them as much as I did (yay!) & things took off from there.
It soon started taking up a lot of my time (I was making everything for free!) and it became harder for me to keep up.
It made me sad that I couldn’t put in the time & effort that i really wanted to anymore.
So I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened a store!

Doing this has made it possible for me to chase my dream,
to make the things we do to better ourselves just a tiny bit easier 

I have so many ideas & I can’t wait to create & share them with you!
Lots of care and detail goes into everything I make - it's all designed & hand painted by me! 🎨
I do it all with the help of my two furry employees - Loki & Meeko - they lend a paw every now & again 🐾

If you'd like to you can follow me on Instagram for some inspiration, support + honesty (and occasional employee shenanigans 😼)
Plus some pretty trackers too of course!

My heart is in this & i hope to help you reach your goals for years to come!