2020 Yearly Progress Trackers

If you get a free 2020 Yearly Progress Tracker - my Terms of Sale still apply, most importantly, please don't post your tracker blank or send it to anyone else!

To get your free 2020 Yearly Progress Tracker:

  • Add your favorite 2020 Yearly Progress Tracker to your cart
  • If you are adding anything else to your cart, the discount will be applied automatically on the cart page! If you are using an express payment method like Apple Pay or PayPal, please make sure the discount is shown before you pay.
  • Otherwise, if you have made an order before, use the discount code 'THANKYOU' on the checkout page to get the discount. Use the same email address as your previous order - thank you for the support!

If you are having any problems getting the discount, please email me! You can only get 1 free tracker.